Exercises That Make You Sweat Fit & Fast

Do you need to speed up your regular exercises? This boot camp of workouts will be making things better to burn extra calories in the same amount of time.

Exercises can be a fantastic, super-defying, and addictive way to tone up. But as high as they can be at forming a rounded booty and sculpted arms, they can sometimes miss the mark when it comes to a range of motion.

You’re targeting the small muscles with those micro-movements, sometimes referred to during class as “going down an inch, up an inch” or “little pulses,” but just focusing on these kinds of intrinsic, small movements could be limiting your gains. Don’t get me wrong: I use these moves in my method, but I don’t get stuck in just these moves. They are not the only way to exercise.

Exercises That Make You Sweat Fit & Fast

While focusing on these small movements is an excellent way for beginners to become comfortable with the form, A proper technique should also include more extensive ranges of exercises, cardio, and aligned stretching. So the body doesn’t adjust and then stop changing or getting more robust.

You can add these exercises to any regular exercise (or any resistance training, such as Pilates or yoga) that you feel needs a little extra juice. It’s an interval-based cardio and strength routine that is designed to allow your heart rate to go up and down, so you can turn on that metabolism and help you achieve faster and better results. All you need is a stopwatch and a mat. Make sure you’re warm before you start.

Wide Second Position Plié With A Twist

Stand with your legs wide and bent towards your hips. Knees should be above the heels or mid-foot, and toes should be following the rotation of the knee. Bring your hands to your heart, stand, and turn your right knee to your left elbow. Return to the plié before turning left. Repeat this at your own pace for 1 minute.

Parallel Jumps

Stand with your legs in a military squatting position. Bring your hands to your heart and keep your back straight. Lift into a controlled jump with your arms swinging back. Land softly, making sure not to block your knees when you land. Repeat this at your own pace for 1 minute.

Folding Table With The Weight

Come on all fours (quadrupedal position) with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips. Place a weight behind your right knee, keeping it bent. (I suggest between 2 and 5 pounds). Press your leg up to the ceiling without letting your back move. Perform on the right side for 1 minute, then switch sides and repeat.

Modified Push-Up

Bring your hands under your shoulders and knees back but still on the floor, then lift your feet to begin in a modified bending position. Keep your spine neutral and your head up. Inhale. Bend your elbows back and on a slight diagonal to aim for the triceps and chest. Exhale and press up. Repeat at your own pace for 1 minute. Tip: If your lower back sinks, opt for a smaller range of motion and simply bend your elbows without lowering your chest to the floor.

Mountain Climbers

From a straight-arm board position with your hands directly under your shoulders, legs straight and resting on your toes, bring your right knee to your right shoulder. Switch between the right and left knees forward and backward as fast as you can without losing proper form. Repeat for one minute.

Tip: The faster you go, the higher the HR increase, but never sacrifice form for speed.
You can complete this boot camp interval training up to three times. These fast, effective, super-charged moves will leave you shaking because you shook things up in your exercises. Be prepared to see news changes in your body as well.

Simple… Running

Running is an excellent form of exercise to burn calories and lose weight without going to the gym or spending a fortune; all you need is a proper pair of shoes. You can expect to burn about 100 calories per mile, depending on your body weight. The heavier you are, the more you will burn per mile because “it takes more energy (calories) to move a more substantial body the equivalent distance at a given pace.


Cycling is an excellent exercising option if you are short on time but live a reasonable distance from work. You can burn 370 to 460 calories on a trip and save money on gas. Just keep a change of clothes at the office as you’ll be sweating! In the winter, put your bike on an indoor trainer at home. There are also many applications available to help you stay motivated and take your exercise routine to the next level.


Swimming may not make you sweat because you’re already wet, but it’s a full-body exercise that burns 580 to 730 calories per hour. You can swim outdoors in a lake or the ocean, or indoors in a pool. It’s a great form of low-impact exercise with a low risk of injury.

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